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Electric vehicle infrastructure guide

This guide has been created to support you in planning public electric vehicle charging infrastructure in Scotland.

Below is an introduction with a brief description and link to each section


A near tenfold expansion of Scotland’s public electric vehicle charging network is predicted to be required by 2030. Effective planning for such a major rollout, of up to 30,000 devices, is essential to meet the growing demand for electric vehicles. 

We need to ensure that upcoming chargepoints are suitably designed and delivered with everyone in mind. Chargepoints will need to be located where people can use them, to support wider transport decarbonisation objectives, and gain buy-in from local communities. They also need to be appropriately funded and able to provide a reliable service. 

We have created this guide to support those planning to install public electric vehicle charging infrastructure in Scotland. In developing the advice, we have engaged with experts within Energy Saving Trust and industry groups. This includes those who have experience of delivering much of the public network up until now. 

Case study map

Our interactive map showcasing best practice EV infrastructure projects across Scotland.

View our case study map

Guidance sections

Choosing locations for your chargepoints

Different aspects of an installation to consider when deciding the right specification for charging infrastructure and where to locate it.

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Integrating your chargepoints into the wider sustainable transport system

How effective chargepoint planning can complement wider sustainable transport policies and goals, supporting more low carbon journeys.

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Engaging the community

Understanding the importance of community engagement to ensure your electric vehicle charge points suit their needs.

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Educating and informing the public

Educating and informing the public about your chargepoints is important for any project, and doesn’t have to be complicated.

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Powering your chargepoints

Exploring the challenges, energy requirements and cost implications of powering the growing charging network in Scotland.

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Funding your chargepoints

An in-depth look at possible avenues for partnerships between organisations with a shared interest in developing charging infrastructure.

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Maintaining your chargepoints

Educating on how to keeping electric vehicle service equipment well serviced and maintained, and what to do when problems occur.

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Ensuring your chargepoints are accessible to all

Looking into ways of ensuring accessibility for everyone when planning your chargepoint deployments, including the key standard to follow.

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Other information

Find out about Energy Saving Trust and how to contact us, how the electric vehicle infrastructure guide came to be and refer to a collection of terms and definitions relevant to the guide.

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