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In this section we look at different ways of reaching out to the public to ensure they’re aware and have a good understanding of your project.

A successful public charging infrastructure project is one that is well-used by a wide range of electric vehicle drivers. High usage levels indicates that the infrastructure:

  • Is located in the right place
  • Offers the right service, in terms of the charger specification
  • Is user-friendly and accessible to a wide range of users, for example disabled, and vulnerable groups
  • Is priced appropriately

Educating and informing the local community about the chargepoints once they are installed, is also a key factor in the ultimate success of your project. This is important as local users need to know:

  • Where the chargepoints are located
  • The types of chargepoints available on the site
  • How to use the chargepoints
  • The cost of using the chargepoints

Your education strategy should show people the importance of the infrastructure and thereby encourage them to use it.

From a wider perspective, making people aware of the climate emergency and how internal combustion engine vehicles harm local air quality may also help convince them of the benefits of making the switch to electric vehicles.

In this section we detail different ways you can pass information about your project to the public. We advise of the benefits of these different approaches and provide examples of other organisations that have done so successfully. We also provide some advice for developing messaging for your materials, and highlight the importance of coordinating with other projects happening in the area.