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The facilitating a sustainable transition to electric vehicles in the regions (FASTER) project offered a supply and services contract for up to 24 rapid chargers, located in some of the most rural communities in Scotland, all within the HITRANS region. It required a robust procurement process to guarantee proper maintenance of the chargepoints.


The project developers had engaged with local authorities in rural areas to understand their experiences regarding the maintenance and operation of their chargepoints. They learned that chargepoints would often be out of order for significant periods of time. Poor reliability of chargepoints is a barrier to adoption of electric vehicles.


HITRANS wanted to remove this adoption barrier and give confidence to electric vehicle drivers that they would be able to recharge when traversing rural areas. To achieve this, HITRANS enlisted the support of PNDC to help them to set up a procurement process that took due account of the importance of this.

Progress so far

The invitation to tender for the project included a heavily weighted question on chargepoint operation and maintenance provision. Bidding suppliers were provided with a list of topic categories outlining minimum standards that must be met to pass the question, referred to as basic requirements. Listed along with this were desirable features, the more conditions of which could be met, the better they were scored.

The categories covered were as follows:

  • Installation standards and contractor guarantee
  • Chargepoint equipment functional lifetime
  • Chargepoint servicing
  • Chargepoint warranty
  • Fault reporting, resolution and support
  • Chargepoint performance KPIs and KPI reporting
  • Chargepoint communications connectivity

By requiring respondents to structure their response this way, HITRANS ensured the chosen supplier would meet their minimum expectations, while also rewarding those able to structure an offering above and beyond this. This also provided an established starting point for specifying these terms in the final contract.

Further information

Please visit the project website to learn more.