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Assessing the physical setting of a proposed public charging infrastructure site is a critical part of the process. An assessment could include the following elements:

Ground surfaceLoad bearing, finish, porosity, adhesion, drainage etc.Access limitations, alternate surface.
Flood riskIdentify risk via SEPA database.Relocation, additional drainage (eg permeable surfaces, sustainable drainage systems, raingardens).
Exposure to weatherPrevailing wind, local annual rainfall, south facing (screen resilience).Position within the site to minimise exposure for hardware and users. Possible shelter.
Coastal proximityRisk of saltwater spray of ingress.Appropriate hardware specification (eg IP ratings), shelter.
Land useCurrent and future designations, impact on local plans. Adequate space for accessible bay infrastructure.Alternate position if risk of forced relocation. Seek amendment to local plan.
Power connectionEarly engagement with DNO/DSO.Possible relocation adjacent to power or easier access to power (ie avoid road opening, crossings and additional reinstatement costs).
Lighting and securityIs there adequate lighting? Is security required?Install additional lighting. Install security, cameras, help button etc.
A rapid charger in Ardnamurchan, sheltered to protect it from weather exposure.