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In areas where there are multiple projects happening at the same time, it can sometimes be confusing for the public to understand who’s responsible for each. If you find yourself in this situation, it may be sensible to coordinate with the leaders of the other infrastructure projects happening in the area. Working together to create a shared resource of information in one place that the public can access will help to minimise confusion.

  • This project saturation issue was experienced by North Ayrshire Council during development of their Ardrossan low carbon cub project. The multiple projects taking place in Ardrossan at that time included improvements being made to the Ardrossan ferry terminal; Ardrossan north shore; Ardrossan connections; and a Sustrans Scotland active travel infrastructure project.

    The number of projects made it difficult for the community to understand who was responsible for each. With project leaders receiving communications from the public regarding projects they weren’t involved in as a result.

    To solve this issue, the leaders from each project came together to develop an information resource providing clear details on their respective projects, accessible in one place. This took the form of an interactive map, via which the public could find the correct contact details for each project. This successfully resolved the communication problems that were being experienced.