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Here follows two short case study examples of mobility hubs developed in Scotland.

Brunton Hall journey hub

Chargepoints and car club vehicles at Brunton Hall journey hub

The journey hub in Musselburgh, East Lothian is a pilot project being developed as a partnership between East Lothian Council and SEStran.

This suburban mini hub supports journeys within the East Lothian area via access to buses, ride share, car clubs and ebikes.

East Lothian Council plans to increase the number of these hubs at strategic transport interchanges within East Lothian.

Further information on the project can be found on East Lothian council’s website.

Calderwood mobility hub

A car club vehicle, a shared eBike and a new Edinburgh bus service at Calderwood mobility hub.

This hub is the first Scottish example of a private housing developer providing dedicated transport options for a new build community. Calderwood Village in West Lothian features a community car club with charge points, ebikes, and bus linkages.

The developer, Stirling Developments, views the hub as both a commercial growth opportunity and also as a way for them to assist the region to achieve its climate change objectives. Their aim was to create an exemplar development. Further information on the development can be found on its dedicated website.

This is an example of a new residential development hub. You can read more about these types of hubs on pages 14-15 of CoMoUK’s guidance on Mobility hub delivery models.

The funding your chargepoints section provides more detail on the commercial opportunities for charge point project developers and other private organisations interested in charging infrastructure.