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Energy Saving Trust’s local government support programme (LGSP) supports English local authorities with a range of transport decarbonisation activity. This activity includes events encouraging communities and businesses to consider electric vehicle adoption and think more about action they can take to improve air quality.

These events provide opportunities to do the following:

• Bust common myths about electric vehicles, relating to, for example, cost, range, battery life and whole life emissions.
• Offer electric vehicle driving experiences along with information on how to charge these vehicles.
• Demonstrate how to access the public charging network and plan journeys around this network.
• Promote behaviour change.

These events are also supplied with literature on low carbon transport that attendees can take away and learn more from. The image below shows the cover of a flyer provided at some of these events, you can download the whole document from our website.

The programme focuses on support in England but many resources are applicable to all. You can find out more about the local government support programme on their dedicated webpage.

Cover page of Energy Saving Trust’s flier ‘could your next vehicle be an EV?’ which was distributed at an electric vehicle information event.